Slat base uni 11 interactive

The technical subtlety of uni 11 interactive lies in the pressure distribution of the spring system with its interactive effect.

Swissflex® spring system for the highest demands.

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Technology & Design

  • In order to change the support characteristics of the central zone, the spring comfort can be set to one of three settings: hard, medium or soft.

  • The wave slats together with the special softening element provide a gentle supportive effect in the pelvic and back areas.

  • The progressively flexible edge elements have a spring flex zone of 20 mm. This guarantees comfort to the very edge of the bed.

  • The double springs of the sleeping surface are placed in swivelling frame elements to optimally adapt to every body contour and any body weight.

  • The greatest sleep comfort is provided even in the middle of the double bed.

  • Division of the sleeping surface in different comfort zones corresponding to the load of individual body parts.
    1. Moderately elastic head and foot zones
    2. Highly elastic shoulder comfort zone
    3. Highly supportive middle zone with red wave flex springs

  • Excellent beechwood quality for durable stability.


  • Quality

    The uni 11 comfortable and traditional slat base is a high-quality starter product that meets demands for both functionality and quality. The simple, effective and reliable technology supports the body where needed and has a gentle supportive effect in the pelvic and back areas.

Adjustable comfort

  • Adjustable comfort: In addition to power-adjustable slat base models, uni 11 also offers manually adjustable models.

Additional accessories

  • uni 11 is suitable for installation in an already available bedstead or as a free standing bed in combination with accessories such as a headboard, bedside tables and lighting.

  • The ambiente 11 interactive design version uses the technology of uni 11 interactive as a complete bed and supplements this with high end workmanship and a strong image.

Integrated sleeping system

  • Swissflex creates the integrated sleeping system with Synchron Precision® through the exact uniformity of mattress and spring system and their precise interaction.

    The combination of uni 10 and versa 21 or versa 19 always gives a balanced sleep system that is simultaneously a guarantee for complete relaxation, optimum body support and healthy sleep comfort.

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