Mattress versa 21

Thanks to the use of first-class materials and the high-quality craftsmanship, the versa 21 mattress creates an additional enhancement of the total concept.
You can choose between 2 core systems as well as 2 cover variants .

Flexible support for comfortable sleep.

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Core technologies

  • The accurately fitting single elements on the inside of the mattress core are the special feature of Swissflex mattresses. They work precisely with the spring system and match each body type and body weight anatomically correctly.

  • The ergonomic zone construction of the mattress core ensures precise fine-tuning to your body.
    1.Moderately elastic head and foot zones
    2. Soft shoulder comfort and lower leg zone
    3. Lightly supportive loin and thigh zones
    4. Highly supportive middle zone

  • Different horizontal indentations enable superior ventilation and heat/dampness control.

  • Extremely flexible comfort foam, simple and light to use and resistant to microbes, bacteria and mould.
    2 Available levels of firmness:
    soft or firm
    Total height: approx. 21 cm

  • The durable latex material is produced in an environmentally friendly way and stands out thanks to its unsurpassed point elasticity and intelligent air channel system.
    2 Available levels of firmness:
    soft or firm
    Total height: approx. 21 cm


  • The finest fuzzy and natural merino quality for luxurious lying comfort and a warming sleep environment – for people who feel cold easily. Feature: The topper element made of washable merino wool.
    Can be removed and washed at 40°C.

  • Washable, soft and elastic fabric with an antibacterial effect. Suitable for people who pay special attention to hygiene and house dust allergy sufferers. Can be removed and washed at 60°C.

  • All mattress covers are removable by means of a perimetric zip. This enables easy washing or cleaning.
    4 side handles make it easier to rotate and flip the mattress in order to increase its service life.

  • The cover stitching corresponds with the body zone division of the core and therefore ensures optimum effectiveness of the mattress core.


  • Quality

    versa 21 belongs to the premium products in terms of quality. The LGA has confirmed this in comprehensive tests. In addition to this, the mattresses are certified in accordance with the Eco Test Standard 100 and are CFC free.

Integrated sleeping system

  • Matratzenausschnitt

    Swissflex creates the integrated sleeping system with Synchron Precision® through the exact uniformity of mattress and spring system and their precise interaction.
    The versa 21 mattress and the uni 11 interactive or uni 10 spring system amount to an interactive sleeping concept which stands out due to harmonious and precise interaction.

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