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Slat bases

  • Unterfederung Buchenholz

    The beechwood used for our slats is of excellent quality. The special production results in particularly high stability and durability and at the same time optimal cushioning effect.

    Based on our research, the strength of the slats is optimised for each slat base width and body weight thus guaranteeing consistent lying comfort on both narrow and wide slat bases.

    In contrast to cheaper birchwood in competitor´s products, the beechwood we use is more stable and more durable.

  • Unterfederungen Kunststoff

    High quality technical synthetics are used for some of the slat base components, for example for our patented wave springs. Different degrees of hardness of the synthetics and the glass-fibre reinforcement allow us to take into account individual features of the body – more sturdy synthetics in the hip area combined with softer synthetics around the shoulders for example, increases the ergonomic effect.

  • Unterfederungen Stahl

    Like the wood and synthetics, the steel we use is of the highest quality. Once again, different strengths are the basis for optimised, body-oriented products.

Mattress covers

  • Reine Schweizer Schafschurwolle

    Our mattress covers contain premium quality, pure wool exclusively from Swiss sheep. Our filling contains no remnants (combing remnants) or any other recycled materials.

    The wool fibres are characterised by their strong curls, which enables it to store air and produce heat. In addition, it can absorb up to a third of its own weight in water, without feeling damp. In addition to these thermo-regulating qualities, pure wool is stain-resistant, self-cleaning and odour-free. Optimum benefits and the best ambience.

  • Erstschurwolle

    The first shearing is from young sheep, younger than 12 months old. At that time, the soft hairs still have their natural tips. This makes the wool very fine and soft and it is only used for products of the highest quality.

    Like sheep’s wool it has very good thermal insulating properties.

  • Kaschmirwolle

    Cashmere wool, originally from Central and Eastern Asia, is one of the most expensive and most valuable natural fibres. The fine-fibred pure wool is harvested at the end of the winter by combing the undercoat of the cashmere goat.

    It is characterised by its softness and excellent heat retention given its low own weight. A premium material that meets the highest requirements.

  • Merino-Wolle in 1A-Qualität

    Swissflex is the only manufacturer in Europe to use this premium material in the production of mattresses - naturally in premium quality. Merino yarn is made from the very high quality wool of Merino sheep.
    It is even finer, more elastic and has more volume than normal sheepswool.

    Its unique qualities are its very good heat and moisture regulation and fluffiness for a sense of well-being on both cold and warm nights. In addition, it is easy to wash - very distinctive.

  • Baumwolle

    Our finest natural fibres include the best cotton, which is spun from the long fibres of the cotton plant. A very robust, low-maintenance and ecological material that can absorb up to 65 percent of its weight in moisture.

    Cotton hugs the skin softly and gently - it is extremely skin-friendly and also suitable for those who suffer from allergies. In addition, it has a cooling effect.

  • Tussah-Wildseide

    With its incomparable shimmer, tassar wild silk is harvested naturally from the cocoons of silkworms living in the wild. It is a unique irregular structure, a very low weight and is soft to the touch.

    This excellent material is skin-friendly, can compensate for heat or cold, and is pleasantly cooling. In addition, it is characterised by its durability as well as excellent ability to absorb moisture (40% of its own weight). It allows the creation of textiles of excellent quality, which are greatly appreciated by those who sweat easily.

  • Viskose

    Although viscose (also known as rayon) is a man-made fibre, its basic ingredient - in contrast to synthetic fibres - is natural cellulose, which is harvested from different types of tree.

    The benefits: viscose provides very good moisture absorption/extraction and hence a dry feeling on the skin; in addition, with its cotton-like qualities it is soft, fluffy and ecological.

  • Hohlfaser

    This synthetic, capillary filling material is extremely light, fluffy and airy. Hollow fibres have excellent temperature and moisture compensation; at the same time, they provide pleasant warmth.

    Due to its texture and washability it is ideal for those who suffer from allergies and hygiene-conscious people.

  • Alle Polstermaterialien in hohen Grammaturen

    Here too, Swissflex is one of the few European manufacturers to focus on details: Thanks to the exceptionally high weight of the natural fibres (up to 750g/m2) that are used in our mattress covers, the lying experience is unsurpassed cuddly and fluffy!

    The surface is highly elastic and guarantees maintenance-free lying comfort - even after many years.

Core systems

  • GELTEX inside

    An innovation created by Recticel research, GELTEX® is designed to provide unprecedented sleep comfort. The new blend of highly elastic gel and air-permeable foam is fully in line with the proven 3-fold formula for a good night’s sleep: perfect pressure relief and support thanks to the highly elastic gel content and unparalleled breathability thanks to the open cell structure at microscopic level. The healthy sleep environment combined with antibacterial protection ensures maximum hygiene in bed. The perfect ventilation prevents unpleasant odours, perspiration and freezing.

  • Reiner Latex

    The basis for this core is a mixture of natural and synthetic latex, that is foamed up using air and vulcanised into shape at high temperatures (free of CFC).

    The characteristics of pure latex are very similar to those of natural latex – high point elasticity, warmth/cooling and long lifespan ensure a durable perfect fit to the body and a pleasant sleep environment. However, the material has a clear price advantage compared to natural latex.

  • Mini-Pocketspring

    The premium mini pocket springs used in Swissflex® mattresses consists of spiral-shaped springs of differing strengths, stitched into permeable fabric pockets. They are always combined with a cushioned layer, for example Latex or Gomtex®.

    Mini pocket springs are exceptionally robust, have high point elasticity, are dynamic and recover quickly, as they recover their original shape quickly after pressure and thus match your body in an optimal way. This creates a comfortable sleeping environment where heat and moisture that gather in the areas between the springs can easily escape.

  • Gomtex®

    The special characteristic of a Gomtex® core made of high quality polyurethane foam is its airy and open-pored cell structure (comparable to a natural sponge) which creates an environmentally friendly and CFC-free foam. This versatile material is exclusively available from Swissflex.

    The benefits of Gomtex®: light weight so easy to handle, very good hygiene thanks to resistance to microbes, bacteria and mould, high bounce and elasticity for fine-tuned adaptation to individual body shapes as well as increased durability (compared to usual cold foam) thanks to particularly high foam stability, which is unique to mattress manufacture in Europe.

  • Gomtex® blue

    This new type of foam is very air-permeable so that it transports moisture and heat away. As a lying experience, it combines the material features of latex and Visco, has excellent pressure relief characteristics and provides a high level of support.

    Gomtex® blue has both a cooling and a cuddly effect. The resulting perfect adaptation to every type of sleep makes this material the first choice for people with the highest demands on an optimum sleep system.

  • Visco

    Visco-elastic foam was originally developed for space travel. It is thermo-active, which means that it responds quickly to pressure and body heat, becomes elastic and so it can adapt fully to head and body shapes. Once the pressure is lifted, the foam gradually returns to its original shape. This reaction the objective of pressure relief: the various parts of the body can apply different levels of pressure but they are supported at the same time – for an ergonomically correct body position and to prevent tension and pressure sores.

Beds and accessories

  • Wood

    Wood is an essential component in Swissflex beds and accessories®. To achieve a unique appearance, we use veneers with an obvious wood grain, which can vary in their appearance.

    Wood is a natural, renewable raw material that is ecologically processed at Swissflex, for example in the consistent use of water-soluble varnishes and lacquers. Beds and accessories with wood components give every room a warm atmosphere of well-being.

  • Metal

    Thanks to their structure and typical sheen, the metal components processed in Swissflex® beds and accessories are elegant and give the objects high value. The fittings of our drawers are unique on the market and come from the market leaders in their field. As a result, we guarantee quality, durability and reliability.

  • Glass

    The high quality glass used for Swissflex® accessories is high quality safety glass. The typical hint of green is minimised by using Optiwhite technology.

    This material is from natural raw materials (or identical) and so they are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Used in our accessories, it makes an important contribution to the modern, light and high-class design, while at the same time it is durable and easy to clean.

  • The palette of the Swissflex fabric collection includes different materials in an exquisite selection of fashionable colours. The fabrics are robust and have an intelligent protection (dirt-resistant, stain-resistant and water-resistant) so they are ideal for durable use in beds. Naturally, they are also easy to clean, skin-friendly and feel pleasant to the touch.

  • Leather

    This first-class natural product with its individual markings and growth marks is a living material – no two pieces are the same. It is smooth, relatively firm and very durable. In addition, it is waterproof and yet breathable. Swissflex exclusively uses carefully selected non-fading leather. The best prerequisites for the production of products of the highest quality.

  • Natural materials such as those used by Swissflex can show certain irregularities. These are not mistakes; on the contrary they give the materials authenticity, individuality and charm and at the same time they are proof of the high quality.